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Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Buddhist "threat" to Islam?

Dang- First it was the Taliban blowing up centuries-old statues in Afghanistan, then it was separatist Muslims in southern Thailand beheading monks and now this (via POWER_LINE ):

"It is time for the unbelievers to discard these incoherent and illogical beliefs," he said. "Isn't it the time for the Christians, Jews, Buddhists[?!] and atheists[!!] to cast off the cloak of the spiritual darkness which enshrouds them and emerge into the light of Islam?"

As a semi-practicing Tibetan Buddhist (and atheist) myself, I think it's time for the Dalai Lama to retract his statements earlier this year referring to Islam as a "religion of peace".
I dunno...maybe ol' Tenzin Gyatso wants to have solidarity with the Muslim Uygurs of Xinjiang/East Turkistan...


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