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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dodged a bullet today (35W Bridge collapse) Updated

Dozens of emergency vehicles (about 40% pulling rescue boats) are still rushing past my apartment in Minneapolis to the scene of the Highway 35W Bridge collapse- about 50 cars on the bridge at the time of the collapse around 6:05pm Central Time- 3 confirmed dead as of this writing.

Am now watching continuing coverage on the local ABC affiliate, KSTP_Channel_5.

For further coverage, I've been reading both the AOL_NEWS site and Powerline.

The collapse is literally two and a half blocks from my apartment and I could smell the smoke from it until just recently.

I've either crossed once or was planning to cross the bridge myself, and I really dodged a bullet today. . . Christ, this sucks. . .

11:20pm Update: at least 6 confirmed dead and climbing. . .
Captains_Quarters has more excellent coverage, and the local Twin Cities American_Red_Cross has launched their efforts.


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