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Friday, August 10, 2007

(new photo)Still recovering from Tibet/China protest in Chicago

Damn, protesting is hard work- walking through downtown Chicago with a heavy "Boycott Beijing Olympics" banner and yelling out the various slogans: "Stop the killing in Tibet!", "Shame, shame, China, shame!"
Even just standing in front of the Chinese_Consulate and holding up the Tibetan_National_Flag got exhausting, and I just had to sit out the rest of it.
And "sleeping" on the charter bus to and fro didn't help either.

The local Chicago Public Radio had a guy with a microphone walking through the crowd, but I haven't seen a link to a podcast/interview yet. Here's their short blurb of the day's event.
We Minnesotans were organized by the Regional_Tibetan_Youth_Congress_of_Minnesota and joined by groups like the Tibetan_Alliance_of_Chicago.

Also, this is the protest at the Metrodome in Minneapolis I sat out because the day was too soon after the 35W bridge collapse (via Slate).

A few of my digital photos will be posted just as soon as I become acquainted with the new-fangled technology of the Digital Camera(!).
08/12/2007 Update: photo posted!


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