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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Chinese harassment and threats


After Prof. Kathryn March, anthropology, began publicizing the event
several weeks ago, it immediately provoked a wave of impassioned e-mail
responses, most of which criticized the event. A handful of the responses on the
listservs were personally directed at March.

"I ... was told to 'go die' on the Chinese Students and Scholars
Association listserv," March said at the opening of her event last Thursday,
"[I] received personal emails saying things like 'I spit on you' or telling me
that I needed 'a brain spa' where I could get 'botox [for my] brain and age,'
advice that another e-mailer applauded by writing 'well said! support!'"

. . . . . . . .

Duke's student newspaper, The Chronicle, reported_Monday that a student who
expressed herself at a pro-Tibet protest was the victim of harassing phone calls
and e-mails and had her personal information posted on the Duke Chinese Scholars
and Students Association website.

Come and get me, Chi-Com motherfuckers ! ! !


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