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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

about those "Midwest Heroes"...+today's Bush=Hitler article from Huffington

I wasn't planning on posting on this topic, but my Human Communication teacher did bring up the recent http://midwestheroes.com/ pro-Iraq War commercials as an example of an unreliable/biased source to avoid when choosing a topic for our next speech.

Well I, though not a veteran myself, have recently signed up with http://familiesunitedmission.com/minnesota/ just to somehow lend my own support.

Of course, this was yet another example of professors abusing their authority and bringing in purely tangential topics into the classroom. It was certainly bad form, if not just pathetic.

...and today's Bush=Hitler article:
You really have to love the "President Chimpy Looks-like-a-Monkey" comment and the "Blogging My Cat While He Poops On Bush: An Empirical Political Analysis of The Radical Right's Christofascist Agenda" book.

...which reminds me- I need to check the http://shrinkwrapped.blogs.com/ (A Psychoanalyst Attempts to Understand Our World) blog more often...


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