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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Friend's report from Iowa on the caucuses

I received this e-mail this morning from a friend who taught English with me in China in 2006:

Most of us in Iowa can't wait for tonight to be over with. There has
been so much hype over the caucuses this year -- phone calls, commercials,
polls, commercials, people at the door, commercials, candidates visiting,
commercials. And did I mention commercials? Our phone is ringing off
the hook -- usually a recorded message, but often a befuddled volunteer who
can't read her script. Obama, Romney -- it doesn't matter which party
we're registered with, they all call. Our mailbox runneth over.
Tomorrow we'll send the whole circus on to NewHampshire! We really *DO* take it
seriously: I've seen Bill & Hill, Obama(twice), Edwards and Richardson.
Romney and McClain were both on our campus recently, but came while I was in
class. There are big crowds at all the events -- even when you subtract
all the news media. Three voters in this household all plan to caucus for
three different candidates tonight. It's the biggest show in town.
Hope you're all watching -- it's the only time Iowa makes the news.


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