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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another reason I'm not ashamed to be a high school/college dropout

Wow, when I finally get my undergraduate degree (and go on to grad school?), maybe I, too, can spew out stuff_like_this:

American Studies in the 21st Century: A Colloquium Series presents, "White Girls Behaving Badly: Reality T.V. and Gender Politics Post
with Zine Magubane.

Zine Magubane is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Boston College. She
recived her PhD from Harvard University.

Oooo . . . please allow me the honor of groveling in your spittle . . .
(I really need to get around to reading that_book on the pseudo-intellectual fluff that is a Harvard "education" . . .)

Postcolonial theory has shown that women function as 'boundary markers' of

( . . .and that's . . . about . . . it . . . )

This talk will draw a link between the proliferation of images of 'out of
control' young white women on reality TV and the manner in which gender and
gender roles are being discussed in this new age of empire. It will focus on the
reality TV shows /My Super Sweet Sixteen /and /Bridezilla/, showing how
anxieties about gender and power are continually produced and reproduced in
these shows about what we have now come to understand as iconic female rites of
passage. The talk will conclude with a discussion of the ways in which, to quote
Toni Morrison, an 'Africanist presence'

("Africanist presence"?! OK, now my neurons are over-heating . . .)

gets deployed in these discussions of white female rebellion, by contrasting
images of white 'out of control women' with images of African American women who
are engaged in seemingly similar behavior.

Ooohh, but things are not quite as they seem, as I'm sure we'll find out in this lecture!!!


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