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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Sound of Hope" broadcasting to China

"The SOH_Network is a new media company offering a wide spectrum of original audio content, including news, culture, talk shows, and commentaries. Our programming is underpinned with a search for the objective truth.
We have a refreshing look at modern day programming with a strong commitment from all team members to create interesting, responsible, and entertaining programs that enrich your knowledge, clarify your outlook, and leave you feeling it was well worth your time to listen.
With roots in our large team of Chinese National reporters we strive to bring to light what many other main stream media cannot, or will not report on in China. Our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking team provide original news directly from China, this gives the English SOH News Desk a unique opportunity to bring you an uncensored view of the region. Part of our role is to give a voice to those that have none, and to bring that voice to you.
For the real story on a diverse and growing range of interests, tune in to the SOH Network."


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