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Monday, April 28, 2008

"They're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years"[update w/ correction]

Visiting Maoist goons and thugs, er, Chinese "students" kill_a_protester in Seoul, South Korea. (From Japan's FNN)
[UPDATE: the video linked above appears to be 2 Chinese men fatally beating up a Korean man in a Seoul subway entrance- apparently unrelated to the Olympic Torch Relay]

Here's the version in_Japanese. (because I speak Japanese)

Kind of reminds me of when the great South Gate in Korea burned down in February and Korean websites were bombarded_with_insults from Chinese commenters including the epithet:
"高麗棒子Gaoli Bangzi (Gaow-lee Bahng-dzuh)" I believe it means something like "Koryo (Korean) bumpkin".
Here's the expanation in Korean hangul:
고구려놈들 개×× 정도의 육두문자로 번역된다). 중국 동북삼성(길림성, 요녕성, 흑룡강성)에 우리교포가 사는 곳에는 조선족

The_New_York_Times has more. And the video . . . is here!

Another reason to check in with the Korean blog, "The Marmot's Hole", more often:

The Olympic Rock Throwing Competition Winner: China

Red Guards in Seoul Oh, Those Wacky Chinese Demonstrators

The Face of “Loving One’s Country”


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