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Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a reminder that in the P.R.C., with a population exceeding a billion people, Tibetans aren't the only ones pissed off at Beijing:

BEIJING — Thousands of people have rioted in a county in southwest China,
setting fire to government buildings and overturning cars in angry protests over
the official handling of the death of a local teenage girl, according to a human
rights group, state news media and videotapes of the events.
The protests in
the county of Weng’an in Guizhou Province are another reminder of how quickly
public anger can ignite in China over cases of perceived official corruption and
malfeasance. For the past few years, public discontent has erupted into small
demonstrations and violence across the country.
The protests in Weng’an on
Saturday appear to have been larger, reportedly involving thousands of
residents, including children. News agencies reported that protesters clashed
with paramilitary police officers sent to the county.

via The_New_York_Times


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