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Monday, June 18, 2007

Warm_congratulations_to_the_brave_Salman_Rushdie (and shame on Pakistan)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Taking time out of my Japanese language counselor training to post about a musical produced by two Soka_Gakkai cultists. Via salon.com (how appropriate)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Just posted an update to my "sushi cult alert" post back in March. Apparently, Tensuke Sushi in the downtown Minneapolis skyway really is a Unification Church front group . . .

New film: "Indoctrinate U"

I don't think the film will have much impact on how university administrators and professors conduct themselves, but I believe that it is important to continue exposing modern-day college professors for the charlatans that they are. Via Instapundit:

EVAN COYNE MALONEY emails that there's been a phenomenal response to
his new film Indoctrinate
He's been asking people to enter their zipcodes after watching the
trailer, as a way of showing distributors that there's a market:

"The overall conversion rate is something like 25%, which is
absolutely unheard of in any other media. Direct mailers would sell their
firstborn for that kind of conversion. Sometime in the next week, we will break
20,000 signups. And that's without spending a single dime promoting the site! If
we get five times that--certainly feasible--I think distributors will have a
hard time ignoring us."

I would think so. Anyway, if you haven't done so, consider
watching the trailer and entering your zip code. It's a film that deserves a
wider audience.

I've already entered my zip code. Please consider doing so yourselves, as well.