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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So many bicycles . . .

so little time . . .

WikiLeaks footage on Tibet


tibet-protests-flash-video.zip (click to view full file)
tibet-protests-flash-video.zip (alternative address)

Monday, April 28, 2008

"They're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years"[update w/ correction]

Visiting Maoist goons and thugs, er, Chinese "students" kill_a_protester in Seoul, South Korea. (From Japan's FNN)
[UPDATE: the video linked above appears to be 2 Chinese men fatally beating up a Korean man in a Seoul subway entrance- apparently unrelated to the Olympic Torch Relay]

Here's the version in_Japanese. (because I speak Japanese)

Kind of reminds me of when the great South Gate in Korea burned down in February and Korean websites were bombarded_with_insults from Chinese commenters including the epithet:
"高麗棒子Gaoli Bangzi (Gaow-lee Bahng-dzuh)" I believe it means something like "Koryo (Korean) bumpkin".
Here's the expanation in Korean hangul:
고구려놈들 개×× 정도의 육두문자로 번역된다). 중국 동북삼성(길림성, 요녕성, 흑룡강성)에 우리교포가 사는 곳에는 조선족

The_New_York_Times has more. And the video . . . is here!

Another reason to check in with the Korean blog, "The Marmot's Hole", more often:

The Olympic Rock Throwing Competition Winner: China

Red Guards in Seoul Oh, Those Wacky Chinese Demonstrators

The Face of “Loving One’s Country”

Sunday, April 20, 2008

联合抵制 对中国! / BOYCOTT CHINA ! ! !

Since the Maoist goons and thugs (Jack Cafferty was so right) seem to be venting_anti-Western_fury_online, I figured I'd throw them a nice, meaty, "BOYCOTT CHINA!!!" just too see if they'll take the bait.

I just love this shit where if you voice concerns about genocide and rape in Darfur, butchery in Burma or Tibet or the ever popular organ harvesting of live prisoners in China, you are committing a VICIOUS SLANDER against the CHINESE PEOPLE!!!!!

I mean, am I bigotted, or what?!

Friday, April 18, 2008

some creepy genocide denial from Matt Leighton and Patrick Grumley of the U of M's MN Daily

Apparently, they write a regular column called "St. James Street" at the University of Minnesota's student newspaper, the Minnesota_Daily.

It starts out innocent enough:

April 17, 2008
St. James' street
By Matt Leighton and Patrick Grumley
If you insult a Dragon ...
The United States needs to think about what is hanging in the balance while
criticizing China. If relations would go bad, the U.S. economy would be in even
more trouble.

They go on to defend China's monetary policy and belittle concerns about China's mounting trade deficit with the U.S.- all well and good.

However, these two paragraphs stuck out and I found them particularly galling:

Darfur has recently become a hot topic for Chinese critics. Oil dealings
with the Sudanese government have led many to accuse China of funding genocide.
But that is a false claim, as the crisis in Darfur is not genocide. The bulk of
the deaths have been from starvation, which, while nevertheless tragic, does not
fit the definition. If Darfur's crisis is genocide, then there are many other
genocides happening throughout Africa right now. The genocide label takes too
much attention away from other crises that are just as serious. Calling it so
belittles the significance of the atrocities that already own the label (such as
Rwanda and the Holocaust).

Most of the world does not believe the genocide claim. And while blame
is laid on China, America is guilty of similar sins. American oil companies have
substantial investment in Nigeria - a nation rife with violence and corrupt
government. Indeed, the humanitarian situation in Darfur is deeply troubling. So
is the situation in the Gaza Strip, which has been called one of the worst
humanitarian disasters of recent history. As long as America turns a blind eye
to Israel's behavior towards the Palestinians, it cannot credibly criticize
China over Darfur.

So there you have it. Unless America cracks down on the Jews, it "cannot credibly criticize China" for promoting mass slaughter of black Africans and the continued gang-raping of their women in the Darfur region of Sudan (directly conducted by Khartoum's Chinese-supplied proxy army, the Janjaweed Militia, working in tandem with the Sudanese airforce).

Would you like some fries to go with your rape and genocide, Mssrs. Leighton and Grumley?

Monday 4/21 Update: Matt Leighton responds in the comments! What an utterly creepy mo'fo'.
Nor do I in any way condemn the shit that goes on in Sudan.

Yes, thank you for that clarification.

Yeah, I'm the "coward" for observing that Khartoum seeking to rape, enslave or otherwise wipe out nearly every black African in Darfur pretty much counts as g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e, or that criticism of the "Zionists (read: Jews)" is way out of proportion to what's going down there (today's new word is "proportionality"- can you say "proportionality", Matt? Good! (I knew you could!)

Matt Leighton- he dares to speak out against the Israel Lobby (my God, the sheer audacity of the man!)!! (I hope you remembered to check under your floorboards and in your cupboards for the Joooos when you got home tonight, Matty!)

This all reminds me of when I brought up how Khartoum is using rape as an instrument of war in Darfur some three years at a UN debate at the U of M and the "Citizens for Global Solutions" people replied: "Oh, I'm sure some people feel marginalized..."

Bring on the euphemisms for rape and slaughter, Matt Leighton, you utterly sick fuck . . .

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Chinese harassment and threats


After Prof. Kathryn March, anthropology, began publicizing the event
several weeks ago, it immediately provoked a wave of impassioned e-mail
responses, most of which criticized the event. A handful of the responses on the
listservs were personally directed at March.

"I ... was told to 'go die' on the Chinese Students and Scholars
Association listserv," March said at the opening of her event last Thursday,
"[I] received personal emails saying things like 'I spit on you' or telling me
that I needed 'a brain spa' where I could get 'botox [for my] brain and age,'
advice that another e-mailer applauded by writing 'well said! support!'"

. . . . . . . .

Duke's student newspaper, The Chronicle, reported_Monday that a student who
expressed herself at a pro-Tibet protest was the victim of harassing phone calls
and e-mails and had her personal information posted on the Duke Chinese Scholars
and Students Association website.

Come and get me, Chi-Com motherfuckers ! ! !

Saturday, April 12, 2008

“We did not have that many role models growing up”

via the Berkeley_Daily_Planet:

Will Lee, a native San Franciscan of Chinese descent, looked forward to the
torch relay on Wednesday at the Ferry Plaza. “We did not have that many role
models growing up,” he said. “I’m here to show my pride. I've wanted for 30 or
40 years for China to stand up.”

Reading these and other similar comments by Chinese-Americans and Chinese-Canadians, I have to ask:
To what extent do ethnic Han Chinese around the world hold these sentiments?

Have any of you experienced harassment from North Americans of Chinese descent when you voice concerns about Burma, Darfur, or Tibet?

Holy shit- and many of my fellow Republicans are worried about the Mexicans . . .

Thursday, April 10, 2008

China to Foreign Media: "One of these days I'm going to kill you"

Associated_Press story via Minnesota's Pioneer_Press:

BEIJING—Western reporters in China have received harassing phone calls, e-mails
and text messages, some with death threats, supposedly from ordinary Chinese
complaining about alleged bias in coverage of recent anti-Chinese protests in
The harassment began two weeks ago and was largely targeted at
foreign television broadcasters, CNN in particular. But the campaign broadened
in recent days after the mobile phone numbers and other contact information for
reporters from The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today were
posted on several Web sites, including a military affairs chat site.
Chinese people don't welcome you American running dog [走狗].
Your reports twist the facts and will suffer the curse of heaven," said one
e-mail received by the AP.

I'm going to start publicizing more of these and other threats (including ones I've received) from Chinese when we speak out about the plight of the Tibetan people.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

China was, is and will ALWAYS BE part of Mongolia!!!!

Latest news:

The Ulaan Bataar Olympics this year may be in trouble after a heavy-handed crackdown on so-called "peaceful protests" organized by the splittist Hu Jintao Clique in the Mongolian city of Khanbaliq ("Free China" splittists continue to misname the city "Beijing").

More later as wire reports come in . . .

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Vlog (Xeni): Tibet report - monks forced to participate in staged videos.

via: boingboing_tv

h/t: instapundit

Chinese police kill eight after opening fire on monks and Tibet protesters

from Britain's TIMES_ONLINE.
Thanks to Glenn Reynolds who's "not_feeling_that_Olympic_spirit "