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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the downside of biofuels . . .

It all started with a post by Jeff_Goldstein at protein_wisdom., and today I've been printing out a lot of related articles (and killing trees) on the subject of how bio-fuels are bad for the environment, so I figured I might as well post some of the links:






And of course lefties like Indybay and CommonDreams.org claim that it's all the right-wing capitalists fault:

They’re coming to me because I’m their environmentalist friend and they all
want to know one thing: how they can make a buck off the surge in interest in
combating global warming.

In a way, that’s a sign that the environmental movement has finally arrived.
After decades of struggling to convince the titans of finance that protecting
the planet and making money weren’t mutually exclusive, the tycoons are now
coming to us.

But many of these capitalist converts need watching. While Wall Street’s
eco-splurge has generated a flood of financing for legitimately clean ventures
like wind and solar power, it’s also spawned extremely dangerous projects that
are painted green by their unscrupulous backers, but that at their core are as
black as, well, coal.


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