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Sunday, January 06, 2008

OK, so maybe it is just a filter glitch at Dunn Bros.

Mitch Berg had trouble accessing the "Koolaid Report" last year, I couldn't view Instapundit.com, and now this:

Access has been Denied!
Access to the page: http://www.japantoday.com/jp/news/424296 ... has been denied
for the following reason: Banned phrase found. You are seeing this error because
what you attempted to access appears to contain, or is labeled as containing,
material that has been deemed inappropriate. If you have any queries contact
your ICT Co-ordinator or Network Manager. Powered by DansGuardian

So now I can't view one of my primary English sources on all things Japanese, "JapanToday", from my local Dunn Bros. Coffee. As Japan Today doesn't fall into a strict, politically conservative (or liberal) category, the problem is probably just "DansGuardian's" overactive filter.

Apparently, the people to contact regarding this ongoing problem are:

Dunn_Bros. and Daniel Barron at author@dansguardian.org.


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