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Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Mandala" magazine, EuroBuddhism and the Left

I had been meaning to pick up a copy of Mandala magazine at Shinders for a while, me being somewhat of an adherent of Tibetan_Buddhism , though after glancing at Al Gore on the current_cover , I had to pass this time.

I currently do not believe that human activity is the primary cause of global warming, mostly after reading articles like this:

Open Kyoto to debate
Sixty scientists call on Harper to revisit the science
of global warming
Special to the Financial PostPublished: Thursday, April 06,
An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper:
Dear Prime
As accredited experts in climate and related scientific
disciplines, we are writing to propose that balanced, comprehensive
public-consultation sessions be held so as to examine the scientific foundation
of the federal government's climate-change plans. This would be entirely
consistent with your recent commitment to conduct a review of the Kyoto
Protocol. Although many of us made the same suggestion to then-prime ministers
Martin and Chretien, neither responded, and, to date, no formal, independent
climate-science review has been conducted in Canada. Much of the billions of
dollars earmarked for implementation of the protocol in Canada will be
squandered without a proper assessment of recent developments in climate

It is my wish that Tibetan Buddhism not be hijacked by the Left. One of the reasons I can only practice Buddhism in the company of Asian immigrants is so I can avoid crap like this:

Understanding Our (Racial) Selves:Racial Moments As Spiritual

In this class we will explore the nature of the self and our ego
attachments to particular racial self-images. We will consider how whiteness
shapes racial identities and how it structures institutional and social
relationships, including spiritual communities. Although the self has no fixed
inherent nature, it organizes around particular expressions, such as race,
gender, and nationality, each with different personal and social meanings. The
practice of skillfully engaging the racial self can open us to more fluidity and
to the insubstantiality of all selves. This course will invite us to focus on
racial moments as a vehicle for deepen spiritual practice and for understanding
and addressing social suffering.

You get the picture. I've never had to put up with this "EuroBuddhist" crap in all my journeys to Japan, China and Southeast Asia- because believers there tend to practice Buddhism instead of pseudo-intellectual, politically correct claptrap.


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