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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I knew lefties were behind the curve, but this is getting ridiculous:

A darker side of Columbus emerges in US classrooms

@#%& emerges??!! WTF?!

You remember the "Unprecedented" flick about the 2000 presidential election? As if we've never had contested presidential elections with controversial outcomes, like then, then, and here?

Been told by a university instructor that Americans are "in the dark" about the 1940s Japanese-American Internment Camps, though we've had some rather public, official acknowledgments (see: here, for example), and more than a few of us have read books and maybe seen a few films (like this one, that one, and oh, how about... this one) on the subject?

How about the very recent historical revisioning of the Hiroshima bombing (a debate we've been having for at least the past fifteen years)?

Ya think "behind the curve" is being more than a bit charitable? Just maybe?


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