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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tuesday's Bush=Hitler article (from Slate Magazine)

OK, so at least they're not expressing a preferance for Adolph Hitler over George W. Bush here , but it's yet another reminder of the various steps leading up to my swing to the right two years ago.

from "Diane McWhorter":

For some reason, I keep thinking about an observation Eleanor Roosevelt made in
an unpublished interview conducted in May of 1940, as the German Wehrmacht swept
across France. She expressed dismay that a "great many Americans" would look
with favor on a Hitler victory in Europe and be greatly attracted to fascism.
Why? "Simply because we are a people who tend to admire things that work," she
said. So, were the voters last month protesting Bush's policies—or were they
complaining that he had not made those policies work?

. . . which of course reminds me of this piece Jonah Goldberg wrote in the National_Review three years ago:

It has to do with the fact that such comparisons are slanderous to the United
States and historical truth and amount to Holocaust denial. When you say that
anything George Bush has done is akin to what Hitler did, you make the Holocaust
into nothing more than an example of partisan excess. Tax cuts are not genocide,
as so many Democrats have suggested over the years. (For example,. during the
Contract with America debate, Charles Rangel complained that "Hitler wasn't even
talking about doing these things" that were in the Contract with America. In
other words, the Contract with America was in some way worse than what Hitler
did. At the end of the day, that is Holocaust denial.)

and just in case you hadn't been following the phenomenon:
Gallery of ‘Bush = Hitler’ Allusions


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