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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Documentaries on weblogs and the "Blogosphere"

This morning, John_Hinderaker of PowerLine brings us a fine review of the documentary, Blog_Wars , being shown on the Sundance Channel:

Blog Wars, a documentary on the blogosphere's role in Ned Lamont's Senate
campaign, will air on the Sundance Channel on Thursday evening, December 28.
(Check your local cable listings for times.) British filmmaker James Rogan
obtained remarkable access to both the leading liberal bloggers and (to the
extent there was a difference) the Lamont campaign. The result is a fascinating,
you-are-there look at contemporary politics, as lived on the web. Less-liberal
bloggers and pundits, including Michelle Malkin, Christopher Hitchens, Andrew
Sullivan, Charles Johnson and me, act as a sort of chorus, commenting on the
action in Connecticut and the political scene generally.

You all may want to check out these other documentaries on the blogging phenomenon, as well:

New York Public TV's: Welcome_to_the_Blogosphere

blogumentary by Minnesota's own Chuck Olsen

. . .and a bit silly, but, TheWeblogProject

. . .and, yes, happy day-after-Christmas!


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